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SMM vs SEO: The difference that affects the end result?


          Published By : Ruchi Shivhare

Internet, a term that is familiar to everyone in today’s world. Started in 1960s, it has undergone disastrous changes till date. It has surprised the whole world overtime through introduction of advanced technologies such as email, cloud computing, search engine etc. With these advanced functionalities, more and more population is diverting towards internet from conventional media sources such as television, radios, newspaper, magazines. Masses get power to explore media at their preferred time slot, not the broadcaster’s time slot.


Today, a little over 3 billion population on earth uses internet.


Over 3 billion searches are done every day on Google search engine.


Over 2 billion people use social networks to communicate with each other.


This growing population on internet has also affected marketing trends in advertising industry. There has been a considerable shift of businesses towards internet marketing from traditional marketing (Banners, Newspaper ads, TV ads etc). This is evident from growing online advertising revenues of big internet companies and decreasing advertising revenues of conventional media sources. Internet marketing is not a difficult task but not even a cupcake. It needs a strategic approach to launch an online advertising campaign. As said earlier, internet goes through changes every second therefore we need to create a new strategy every other moment. What we did yesterday, will not work today and what we did today, will not work tomorrow. That is where companies need specialized digital advertising agencies having their experience in this field.


Internet advertising is actually a combined approach in which we do everything we can to increase website ranking on various search engines. This ranking is not just gained by paid results. The two very highly used approaches towards internet marketing are Search engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM). They are heavily used by advertisers to get results at a limited budget.


SEO and SMM both are important but not the same. They have different approach, strategy, target, result. When we talk about SEO, we are targeting to increase our website ranking on various search engines through organic results. These organic results can’t be generated by fooling the search engines through keyword stuffing or unorganized link stuffing on social media etc.  It needs a legitimate approach in which we create a website or landing page which has relevant title, heading and content to make the website worthy to be ranked in search engines. Strategic SEO implementation makes sure that customer searching for the product/service you offer will find your website before the competitor’s webpage. While implementing SEO, one should know what SEO strategy competitor is using.


On other hand when we talk about SMM, we are not talking about increasing web page ranking but we are dealing with increasing leads, brand online presence, customer direct interaction. Social presence of brand increases its value, trust in customer. Now, a successful SMM campaign is not achieved by just creating pages on social media channels and circulating web links all around. It is worthy only when your post or link is shared or mentioned by any of your customer. As much the link or post is shared socially, that much the link becomes important. Social optimization is achieved by creating relevant social profiles, creating fresh and targeted content for audience, allowing customers to comment and say about your product/service, addressing and replying any query in a transparent and gracious manner.


So, we can say that SEO and SMM are useful as per the needs of advertiser. If an advertiser is concerned with increasing web ranking then SEO is best option. If generating leads and increasing online brand presence is concern, then SMM will be the choice. SMM fastened up the results as compared with SEO.


But if we think as the brand consultant, then a systematic and combined approach is needed as every company or an organization need traffic and leads resulting into sales. SEO is economical to be practiced but SMM on other hand cost some money to generate good targeted leads.



So finally it can be said that practice of SEO or SMM are totally dependent on business need and budget. Both are complementary. Without SEO, website is irrelevant and without SMM, you will miss a great opportunity to connect to an audience of billions in size.