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7 Social Media Trends In 2017


          Published By : Ruchi Shivhare

Social media marketing is growing exponentially with an ever increasing trend for innovative concepts and distinctive strategic plans. From TV advertisement and radio channels to Facebook and live videos, the industry has experienced a paradigm shift. The trend has further pushed its gear to enhanced performance in social media through Instagram, Snapchat and various other innovations yet to follow.

 Every year predictions are made about the potential developments in the coming years but not all are true. However, this does not change the fact that industry is growing and always ready to embrace new changes on the social media platform. This makes it important for us to stay attuned to the latest trends and be aware so that we can fit ourselves well with the various shifts taking place.

 Let us have a look at the forecasted social media trends in 2017:


Organic Marketing will come to an end

 Organic marketing has always been a hundred percent winning concept but now the trend is changing. Surprisingly the concept is now going into oblivion with the increasing demand of paid marketing. Most of the social media companies like Facebook and Instagram have introduced new algorithms that protect the user from viewing several pieces of content and this makes it difficult for brands to have an organic reach.  


 Website Traffic will display a reverse graph

 All the private social media companies like Facebook and Instagram are fighting their own battle on the industry platform. Each one is striving to have their hold and retain maximum number of customers on their website. With this, websites are not getting the desired traffic and companies are losing their contacts. However, companies will now have to hunt for better measures so as to get maximum return on investment when it comes to investing on digital marketing.


 Streamlining Video will be the new charm

Social media applications might diversify the services with innovative features and unique concepts. Coming live in streaming videos is one such concept that is sure to mark a new dimension in the industry in the forthcoming year. Although You Tube has been in existence since long but its popularity has emerged dramatically as a social media channel with the ever changing innovations in mobile phones. Companies will now take advantage of this channel to capture messages and moments, and then stream it back live to their targeted audience.


 Getting deep with social connection

 Social media in the coming years will experience a change with more and more companies creating social engagements with their employees, customers and prospective customers. Conversations, discussions, word-of-mouth and video viewing with peers, employees and other connected people around give a completely new viewpoint and importance to any topic of debate, product of a company or a service offered by a company. Hence, getting connected with as many people around and reaching targeted audience through this connection will be one of the new trends in the year 2017.


 Messaging Apps will have a better future

 There are companies that are still creating Facebook pages for brand recognition and promotion. However, even this method of marketing is now becoming a traditional concept. The younger generation is switching over to messenger apps with a viewpoint to have direct one-to-one conversation with peers, audience and customers as well. With this, messenger apps like WhatsApp and SnapChat are becoming popular but these private channels are still experiencing hurdles as social media channel in terms of reaching to huge number of customers to provide meaningful content. The forthcoming year will come with measures to figure out the hurdle and give space to apps like Chatbot that will automate the process of one-on-one conversation with customers on messenger.

 Twitter will see a new face

 Twitter is no longer considered a social network but has become a platform to share news. However, it is now planning to add exciting features that will make sharing information and news faster and in a more presentable way. It is predicted to come up with features like ‘Live Content’ that will pave way for real time conversations, ‘Broadcast Partnerships’ that will open new space for reactive content and ‘Mute’ feature that will enable users to filter unwanted phrases and keywords while allowing them to mute the entire conversations of a specific thread. It is also predicted to have a ‘Hateful Conduct’ option to get a clean platform without any hateful or abusive language. With all these significant launches, Twitter will come up with a new face and completely enriching experience as a social media channel.

 Analytics will drive marketing decisions

 In the previous social media was purely based on hit and trial methods but now the aspects have changed completely. Nowadays a complete tracking report can be created using analytics tools like Buffer, Iconosquare and Google to have a complete understanding of social media activities. So now statistics will play a major role in determining, measuring and identifying such marketing activities over the web.

 As already mentioned that predictions are not always true but yet we at Candy, as a leading social media marketing agency, stay alert and aware while keeping ourselves flexible enough to adapt to changing technologies, concepts and strategies. We assure you to provide the most rewarding concepts so as to help you intensify your brand presence.




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