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Creative in advertisements is a powerful idea


          Published By : Vimal Kumar

Creative is soul of advertisement as it makes an advertisement interesting, engaging and more effective. It helps in creating mass awareness for brand or product in less time and cost. Creative advertisements grab more eyeballs as they have interesting designs and concepts which persuade consumers to engage and interact with them. So, let’s explore that how creative plays a vital role in making advertisements more powerful.


What is creative?


Creativity is a process of making imaginative ideas a reality. It involves thinking new ideas, alternatives and possibilities to generate a solution, communicating with others or any other purpose.


In advertising industry, there are various roles related to the creativity such as copy writer, graphic designer, directors, producers and more. They all work on new ideas and possibilities to market a product or build a brand and make those ideas a reality. Creative thinkers perceive world and surroundings differently and they generate ideas which are generative, subjective and visually attractive. They focus on possibility instead of probability which makes them different from logical thinkers. But in advertising, creative has some limits, rules and regulations; which results in a disciplined creativity instead of free flow of ideas.



“Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.”    -  Edward De Bono



Creative in advertising has two main goals to achieve.


Engage Consumer


Consumer engagement is the main focus of a marketing process. Nowadays, everyone lacks time; so a textual advertisement is not preferred by them as it is time consuming to read and understand them. That’s where creative helps by visualizing everything and presenting it in a way people will love to see it. Creative advertisements are built to engage audience and inform them about brand or product. They also persuade the consumer but are not a direct sales pitch. They are delivered in form of stories which conveys message meaningfully by establishing an emotional connection with the audience.


Differentiate Product


There are a number of vendors for same product in market. In advertising campaign, advertisers are required to create uniqueness in products to differentiate them from other similar products.

Let’s take an example: If every burger vendor will say that they have burger and buy it; no consumer is going to buy it but people love to buy McDonald’s Burger because it has a USP to offer low prices, consistency, and cleanliness in services. This differentiates McDonald’s from other burger vendors and establishes its own special identity in market. Creative advertisements help in establishing this USP by visualizing same products differently.


What creative advertising do?


When creative elements are introduced in marketing campaigns, it increases mass appeal of product or brand. Creative advertisements have ability to create an engaging consumer experience as it has content which is both entertaining and conveying. A creative advertisement develops a purpose in brand or product which develops desire and motivates consumers to buy it or use it.  It makes brand or product strong enough to drive emotions and thoughts of consumers by connecting with them emotionally. It develops an immediate demand for new products in market and builds mass awareness among the prospects of products. It incites consumer’s consciousness and aware them of their needs.




Content consumption patterns of consumers have changed with the introduction of various platforms for accessing content. Consumer has authority over content they want to access. They don’t entertain ads while consuming content like watching video, reading blog. Creative advertisement is a way to create effective advertisements which don’t look like advertisements but conveys brand message smartly. Brands can tell their story by using images, videos and other interactive media, which will engage and anticipate users with a brand message. Creative ads differentiate brands and products from existing ones and develops and emotional connect with audience. They are focused on informing consumers about product or service but they also persuade them in a smart way. Finally, it plays a vital role in brand building and consumer persuasion process generating connectedness, ROI, high reach and immediate attention among consumers.


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