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Five digital marketing strategies every business can learn in 2017


          Published By : Ruchi Shivhare

 With the technological changes in 2016, new trends have also emerged in digital marketing sphere. With these new trends, the perspective and campaigns’ strategic implementation has to be altered in 2017. Search engines have got smarter as they don’t sense just keywords but content, UI and various other parameters. New features like limited life content, live streaming has been added on various platforms and with these new emerging trends and advancements, consumers are also getting advanced, resultantly digital marketing is becoming cut-throat for businesses to compete.


In 2017, Google has completed 18 years. Now it’s also a trend because Google is an adult now.


Jokes apart!


Google has become more and more advanced in terms of organizing, indexing most relevant results from large sea of data and links on its server. We are talking about Google because it accounts 85% searches, therefore needs to be concentrated.

To keep going with the flow and profit from digital era, businesses will have to learn following five digital marketing strategies in 2017.


Innovative content


Content needs to be paid attention in order to be in top rankings. Now, search engines don’t just go through your keywords, they also weigh your content. It has to be creative, innovative and fresh in order to perform. Now, Google trends have shown that content with direct answers are more valued by search engines. Direct answer results have increased up to 40% in 2016, therefore, content should be created in a way that it gives the answer to some question of the consumer, not just anything. There should be a long and deep research before content writing to stand differently among competitors. It will help businesses to engage with the customer by answering their questions. Interactive content marketing is another personalized tool that will dominate the digital marketplace.


SSL certificates


Security is a major issue in every industry. In Internet industry, this is a great concern for every big or small company. Search engines also now focus on providing authentic, secure information to its users. Google has openly announced that it is going to prefer websites with SSL certificates more than those who don’t have, nay, websites having “https” will be ranked higher than “http”. Https ensure that the websites user visits are secure and they are not going to save confidential information such as card details in order to provide an extra layer to security. It costs a small amount to have SSL but it can help you when you are considering the optimization on search engines.


User Interface


Withal an increase in the type of devices for internet usage, demand to have a dynamic, responsive website has been increased to provide users an interactive experience. Not only this, while it plays a major role in optimization also. Calls to actions should have given an attention in order to improve user engagement as the buttons provide a direct way to engage with the business. Visibility of webpage on various platforms such as desktop, smartphone, and tablet should be well-optimized. The content should be clear crisp and properly visible to the viewers. Articles with Images are proven to be viewed more in comparison with the only write-ups without images, thus more images should be added to the webpage to make it more attractive.


Video Marketing


Social Media companies have introduced many attractive video features such as video live streaming and limited life videos. Snapchat is a major player, who introduced limited life videos which tend to be disappeared after a limited period. Recently, Instagram, WhatsApp have also introduced this feature in their app which has got a lot of popularity. Live streaming has also seen an increased user engagement in 2016. This feature can be used by businesses to live stream a video of their product/ service usage in order to get live reviews and reactions. The consumer will trust more in the product when they will see product performance live.


Social Media as Customer Support


Social media has been extensively used when it comes to marketing and every social media channels have pages of every major & minor business. But in later years, it has seen an increased usability as CRM. Businesses directly interact with their customers and respond to their comments or tweets. It has helped businesses in using social media as customer support system and users ask queries on social media now such as Facebook or Twitter by mentioning or tagging the brand online. Businesses should start paying attention to these mentions and tweets as they can help understand what consumer is thinking about the product and how they are reacting.


At last, we would say that it is not the end. More advanced technologies will exist in future. So just be with the time and keep advancing marketing strategies to cope with your competitors.


If you are not aware how to cope with these digital marketing trends; we are here to help you! Candy communication has proficiency and experience to analyze recent digital trends and apply best solutions to your marketing strategy for procurement of satisfactory results.


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