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Steps for a successful digital marketing strategy


          Published By : Shrawan Kumar

Digital marketing is an overwhelming thought for advertisers due to the effectiveness and high reach of online platforms but with numerous possibilities to advertise your brand or product online, anyone can get dazed and confused easily. But if you have an earmark strategy for it, you will achieve your expected business goals quickly. Every business is unique, so the digital marketing plans followed by the brand or their agency will also vary from each other. But all digital marketing plans are contrived by going through the four crucial steps.


·         Identifying online marketing goals.

·         Building your online presence.

·         Marketing your online presence.

·         Analyzing and revamping your plan.


If you contemplate these four steps, you can generate a productive online marketing plan that will ensure unanticipated results to your business. Let’s discuss each of these steps briefly:


Identifying online marketing goals


The initial step in online marketing strategy is to identify goals that you want to achieve from marketing. Your online goals can be building relationships, increasing brand awareness, selling your products online or getting leads for your business. Goals further shape the digital marketing strategy.


Your business goals define which platform you should choose to market yourself. Let’s assume that you have a Hostel and you want to see your hostel in search engine results. In this case, you don’t require a website but a business listing will be enough. Your hostel listing will appear in local search results.


After deciding platform, plan the creative aspects of your online assets like content, images, videos, infographics and a lot more. You can either create them by your own or you can hire any expert freelancer or agency to do so.


At last, check that you have set realistic and practical goals so that you can commit your possible time and budget to achieve it.


Building your online presence


There are multiple options to go online such as business listings, social media, websites and mobile applications. You can choose one of them or all of them as your business necessities.


You can list your business on online business directories such as Google My Business, Justdial. When someone searches for services like yours on search engine, your business listing will show up in results.


You can create your social media profiles and accounts to connect with audience on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other popular social media platforms. Social media is a great tool to draw engagement and awareness for your business by sharing videos, photographs and stories which will incite consumers to interact with you online.


Websites are an ultimate online asset which comes with a large set of functionalities. Websites are not only to share information for your business but it can be used as a marketplace where you can receive orders and payments. It is a one stop solution for all the requirements of your consumers.


Mobile apps are also a great tool as mobile users are increasing drastically. With mobile apps, you will proffer your consumer a handy and efficient way to interact with your business.


Marketing your online presence


You have built your online presence. Now, you need to apprise the online community that you exist online. There are various platforms to market your business online such as search engine, social media, emails and websites.


You can market your business on search engines by implementing SEO, ASO and SEM. SEO is promoting your website on search engines by unpaid methods and SEM is a paid method for search marketing. Search marketing will expose you to online searchers who are searching for your services, thus are potential customers.


Every social media platform has paid marketing tools which can be used to increase brand consciousness and build an online community. You can use marketing tools on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others to reach targeted set of audience.


Email marketing is the most effective way to communicate with the consumers as it gives a two way personalized communication between business and consumer.


You can utilize other similar business websites to market your business as they will have niche audience which can be your potential customers in future.


Using online marketing will increase your reach which will generate more opportunities for your business.


Analyzing and revamping your plan


Now you have set realistic goals, built online presence and implemented online marketing techniques. It is time to analyze your progress and know if your efforts are generating expected results or not.


There are a number of analytic tools like Google Analytics, Piwik, SEMRush, SimilarWeb which produce a circumstantial report of online progress. These reports can be used to revise and improve your plan.


Google analytics gives you detailed information about traffic, acquisitions, conversions and goal accomplishment. Facebook Anaytics and Twitter analytics will tell you performance of your social posts and tweets, followers, engagement and more. You can adapt your further strategy based on analytics report. If you are not achieving your expected goals, then you need to revamp your goals, marketing techniques and plan.


Digital marketing is a frequently changing industry where online platforms update their algorithms, features and functionalities. You require to be updated with the recent trends in technology and digital advertising. If you will keep all these in mind, you will surely achieve your goals from online marketing.


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