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Traditional marketing techniques are not outdated


          Published By : Vimal Kumar

Marketing techniques have evolved exponentially and they will keep changing with the time. It happens because of change in business models, consumer behaviors and frequently changing technologies. As an advertising enthusiast, I am very fond of digging deeper in the history of advertising and its evolution.


Do you know? Even earliest civilizations in BC period Egypt, Rome, China and other parts of the world used advertising. They used Papyrus papers, rocks and clothes to print advertisements.


So, these are the earliest relics of advertisements but with evolution of civilizations; advertising mediums and techniques have undergone a drastic change. With the commencement of printing press; newspaper and magazine advertisements became prominent. And then TV advertisements, Mobile advertisements and modern printing also experienced a similar fate. Even with various new technological developments and advertising techniques, the old one gets outdated but there are some traditional marketing techniques which have not lost their prominence even in the modern world. Even today we use those advertising techniques and they result in better ROI.


Let’s have a look at those evergreen traditional marketing techniques which shall never lose its presence from the industry and will keep enriching & boosting marketing campaigns always:


Sponsorships of local and regional events

Sponsorships are very old and best technique to empower brand’s strength by associating with a cause or event. In this technique, a business provides free services to an event or organization to get exposure to the wide audience. It establishes a good feel for the brand or business among its audience. Even today businesses use this technique to boost the branding. Not just new brands but even established brands also use this technique to increase their sales and brand power.


Influencer Marketing


Influencer marketing is also one of the oldest techniques in advertising. Individuals with large following can boost sales of business and strength of brand by word of their mouth. Individuals like cinema celebrities, TV actors, business personalities, mass leaders can boost business performance if business has any kind of association with them. Nowadays, people with huge online follower base are contributing to influencer marketing. Influencer marketing has proved to deliver more ROI to advertisers.




Network Marketing is a technique in which a network of individuals or companies contributes to advertising of brand and business. Even today network marketing is a great strategy to build brand’s strength. Earlier network marketing used to refer with the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) but now two more segments have been added i.e. Single tier & two tier network marketing, which generally covers the digital marketing, wherein affiliates, CPL, CPA, CPC and various another type of campaigns take place. They can use any social network, like let’ look at an example of such Networks – Google Display Network, which has over 2 million websites and apps in its network which covers over 90% of digital space.


Word of mouth


Word of mouth is an unpaid form of promotion in which satisfied customers tell other people how much they like a business, brand and product. Word of mouth can be triggered by imparting quality in products as it will enhance user experience and consumers will spread words about products and services. In this type of marketing, your consumers act as your brand ambassadors.


Innovation is an irresistible phenomenon but we must not forget that some old techniques never lose their shine just like email, which is one of the earlier services by internet and it has not lost its significance, even now. Advertisers must work for the right integration of modern and best performing old advertising techniques to improvise the brand’s performance. 


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