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What to avoid for a successful SEM campaign ?


          Published By : Vimal Kumar

Businesses are steadily using SEM campaigns for targeting their consumers and growing their revenues. Millions of businesses are competing online and shelling hefty budget to get top spot on search engine result pages. If you see Google, its 96% revenue is ad driven. So, now you can imagine how much money businesses are shelling to target and convert online consumers.


But let me tell you a surprising fact.


According to the Google Report; 56% of all digital ads are never seen by online audience.


So, In spite of shelling this huge amount of money, 56% of all ads do nothing for their advertisers. The reasons for these futile digital ads are bad audience targeting, bad keyword targeting, bad ad placement and many other factors.


We will now discuss 5 don’ts of a successful SEM campaign which need to be avoided to make your investment in digital adverts fruitful.


Don’t forget keyword research


Keyword research is the most crucial part of your SEM campaigns which can’t be ignored. Before launching a SEM campaign, you must intensively research for the keywords which you want to target in your adverts. You must do location based analysis of keyword because a keyword searched highly in one location may not even be searched in another location. You must never target irrelevant keywords in your ad campaign. It must define you business or services clearly. Don’t target more broad keywords because they have more competition. Remember that right keywords result in right audience targeting.


Choosing relevant and narrow keywords for your search campaign will lead to success of your campaign. It may be the case that you get few clicks for these keywords but the clicks will be easier to convert than those from irrelevant keyword.


Don’t divert traffic to generic pages


While setting up SEM campaign, it is advisable to divert the traffic through campaign to a landing page instead of generic pages of your website. Landing pages are specifically developed to fulfill goals of the campaign that’s why SEM campaigns with landing pages result in more conversions compared to SEM campaigns with the generic links. Your audience will not get right Call to action when it will land to your website through SEM campaign. Suppose you are running a SEM campaign to collect emails of your targeted audience but your link directs the traffic to website home page. It will create a messy situation for your audience where he will not be able to understand what to do.


But what if you have a landing page with a submission form?

That will be more beneficial as your audience will be directed to the form and they will eventually fill the form. It will finally lead to your campaign’s success and lead generation.


Don’t target all keywords in one ad group


Ad group is a feature in which you can create different ads for different services under one campaign. Imagine you are an advertising agency dealing in various services such as Online marketing, OOH Marketing, Brochure design and more. So, you need to create a different ad for different services under separate ad groups in one campaign.


But some lazy advertisers don’t bother to do that. They just target all keywords for different services in just one ad group which is firmly a very bad approach. You ad will have less quality score in this case and may not be even shown by search engines in result pages.


So, ensure that you create different ad groups for different services and target right and relevant keywords in each ad group.


Don’t forget location targeting


Nowadays, Local search is a great factor. So if you are not using geo-targeting in SEM campaigns, then it is your big mistake. Never forget to target right location to run your ad campaign. Imagine you have a painting shop in Delhi, so people in Delhi are more likely to buy your products as they are local to you. If you use location targeting then your ad will be shown to people who are local to you and more likely to be converted which will finally boost your sales.


Don’t overbid your campaign


Some advertisers assume that overbidding is a key to success in SEM campaign but it not always true. Search engines calculate Quality Scores of ad prior to showing them. A quality score is measured by the relevance of ad to the product and services it serves and consumers of the product. Focus on your ad’s quality score which is defined by relevant heading, description and landing pages. When you grab the high quality score, focus on appropriate bidding. Don’t just bid what Search engine Ad tools recommend.


A successful SEM campaign is not a product of high bid but a high relevance. So, focus on improving quality score of your ad by making it more informative and relevant to your audience. Choose right targeted keywords and use geo targeting to make your ad more productive. The traffic you get from the relevant ads is more likely to be converted compared to the traffic form irrelevant ads.


We have helped a lot of businesses reach their business goals by targeted and fruitful SEM ad campaigns. If you want to achieve similar success with our expertise, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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