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Why landing page draws more conversions than homepage?


          Published By : Vimal Kumar

According to studies, an online advertising campaign linked to a landing page generates more conversion as compared to an advertisement linked to a generic homepage of a business website. That’s why landing pages are often called “lead capture pages” in online marketing as they are beneficial if your campaign is aimed at lead generation and faster conversion. Sometimes we assume that landing page and homepage is similar but they aren’t. There is a difference between their purpose, structure, traffic and content which results in a huge difference in resultant conversion rates.


Let’s go through the differences between landing page and home page which will answer the question that why a landing page draws more conversions…




Landing page and home page have distinct purpose. A Homepage is built for information delivery to visitors and it direct visitors to other web pages and let them explore more information or services which will satisfy their requirements.


On the other hand, a landing page is the only page where all the information resides which visitors require. When a visitor lands on landing page from an advertising campaign, it doesn’t direct visitors to other web pages but it conveys relevant offers and information to visitors and directs them to do a specific action on that page like filling form or playing video and generates lead.




A homepage is a part of website and it has various traffic sources such as search engines, social sites, referrals and other online sources but a landing page is not necessarily a part of website and has traffic source from a specific campaign with which it is associated. A landing page is built to land traffic from an online campaign and direct them to do specific actions such as fill a form, request a service or query.


Traffic source of a homepage is more varied and diverse but landing pages have a targeted audience coming through targeted online campaigns.




A website homepage directs visitors to other pages which have information which they require, so it has a navigation bar to navigate through all the pages on website. But in case of landing pages, they have only one page which has all the information and call to action so there is no navigation bar to navigate any other page.


This is the reason landing pages result in quick response because all information is delivered on only one page with a direction of what to do next. But in case of a homepage, visitors don’t get what they saw in online advertisements and they leave the site immediately without any action.




A homepage is more descriptive and has many elements such as navigation, side bars and chat bots. You can put any content anywhere on website as you like. But it is not good for conversions as how can you convert the visitors if there are so many things to distract them. They will get confused and may leave website without making any action.


On other hand, a landing page is built specifically for converting traffic from an ad campaign. A landing page has objective content which tells visitors about your business, services and products in concise way. Specific content draws more attention and conveys message in better way and less time which stirs visitor to perform an action on landing page and finally a conversion happens.


Call to Action


A call to action is a necessary element in a landing page. As discussed, landing pages are developed specifically for conversions therefore a call to action is required to complete the conversion process. A call to action inspires the visitor to perform an action such as fill the form, request a quote or call button. When visitor fills the form, it generates a lead for business. Even if the lead is not converted immediately, you can follow up the lead to know their future requirements and who knows they can be your customers in future.




You create only one website for your business but you can create more than one landing page for your online campaigns. If you have more than one service or product, you can create a product or service specific landing pages. If you have various ad groups in one ad campaign, you can have different landing pages for different ad groups.




Landing pages draw more conversions in an online advertisement campaign because they are specifically built for conversions. They have concise content, no distracting elements and a clear call to action to inspire visitors to perform an action which will lead to conversion for business. While a homepage is a generic webpage which is actually built to serve information to visitors and directs them to other pages which can fulfill their requirements. If the paid traffic from an advertisement campaign will be directed to a generic homepage, it will create a confusing situation for the visitors as they will have no call to action. They will not get what they saw in advertisement and will leave the homepage without exploring which will result in lower return on investment. So, ensure that you develop a targeted and objective landing page for an online campaign and give your visitors a worthy page to land on where they will get same information or offer which they saw in online ads.


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